Rodent Control

Professional and certified rodent control in the Portland area.

Mice and rats can cause a variety of unsanitary problems on top of being a pest to have around your home. They can make homes in your attic, walls, crawlspace and more. If you have a rodent problem, then we have the solution. Contact us today and let us take care of it.

Mice Control

Nobody wants a mice problem. These uninvited guests can cause damage to your home and bring in unsanitary germs. Have you seen mouse droppings or heard noises in your walls? Give us a call and we will get your mice problem solved.

Rat Control

Do you have rats in your home? These rodents damage buildings and other property by gnawing and burrowing, and may spread diseases that affect people and pets. Look no further, our certified rat exterminators have the solution.

Why Choose Us?

Evergreen Pest Management is a local family-owned operated business that has been serving the SW Portland Metro since 1996. We are committed to providing professional, dependable, prompt & reasonable-cost services. As an Oregon pest control company, you’ll find that we service a wide variety of locations.

We are certified and trained to handle a large range of pest control services. We would love to hear about your pest control problem. Don’t hesitate to call or fill out the form and we will have one of our certified pest control experts reach out to you as soon as possible.


Service Area

As an Oregon pest control company, you’ll find that we service a wide variety of locations from North Portland to Salem, and Forest Grove to Oregon City. Contact us now to learn more and get your free quote.








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We have 20+ years of experience serving the greater Portland and Salem metro area. Call us at (503) 925-9752 Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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