Client Testimonials

Our clients share their experience in working with us.

“I heard some scratching and rustling around in our laundry room walls. I thought for sure we may have mice or rats. I called Evergreen Pest Management and Ed came out to look at our problem. Turns out birds broke through our vent and made a nest. He told us that we could easily fix the problem ourselves and save our money. WOW! True honesty right here! He told us what to do and that was it. I HIGHLY recommend Evergreen Pest Management! Luckily our problem wasn’t anything too serious. I know who I am using and recommending to all my friends and neighbors if anything should come up in the future! Thank you so much!”

Anna Hammill

“Ed Belding helped me out the same day I called. He offered a couple different plans to take care of the bugs that he thought could be an issue, but he didn’t try to sell me anything that I didn’t need. He looked at the boards that had signs of bugs and didn’t use any scare tactics to get me to buy a plan. Instead he told me that it looked like the bugs came and went and it was nothing to worry about. No charge at all. Very helpful and friendly. When I do actually have a bug problem, I will give these people a call!”

Ethan Moser

“Friendly, efficient, and totally professional. The ants ain’t got nothin’ on these guys!”

Fiona G.

“They’ve treated our home for about 6 weeks and I’ve been super happy. They do what they say they’ll do and we’ve seen a MASSIVE reduction in ants. They’ve treated our eaves for wasps when they noticed nests starting. I would recommend them to any of our friends.”

Timothy C.

“Have always had a great experience with Evergreen. Anytime I have had little unwelcome friends coming in they send someone very quickly and the issue is solved. I highly recommend Evergreen!”

Jen W.

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