Bee & Wasp Control

Bee & Wasp Control in Portland & Salem, OR: Safe & Effective Removal

Evergreen Pest Management provides safe and effective bee and wasp removal services for homes and businesses in the Portland, OR, and Salem, OR metro areas. Don't let stinging insects disrupt your peace of mind. Our certified technicians can handle any bee or wasp problem quickly and efficiently.

Honeybee Removal

We know bees. They can build large hives and cause problems! We safely relocate honeybee hives using humane techniques. Let us know how we can help address your honeybee problem.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps can be nasty and they’re the last thing you want flying around in your home or business. Our experts remove wasp nests located in attics, walls, under decks, or anywhere else on your property.

Yellow Jacket Control

Yellow jackets are the meanest of them all! We have professional yellow jacket removal specialists ready to eliminate infestations quickly and effectively. 

Why Choose Evergreen Pest Management for Bee & Wasp Control?

Safe & Humane: We prioritize safe removal methods, relocating honeybees whenever possible.
Experienced Technicians: Our certified professionals are trained to handle all types of bee and wasp infestations.
Fast & Effective Service: We respond quickly to your concerns and eliminate the problem efficiently.
Peace of Mind: Our services ensure your home or business is free of stinging insects.

Don't Let Bees & Wasps Take Over Your Property! Get a free consultation today and let Evergreen Pest Management take care of your bee and wasp problems. We offer competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.


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As an Oregon pest control company, you’ll find that we service a wide variety of locations from North Portland to Salem, and Forest Grove to Oregon City. Contact us now to learn more and get your free quote.








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