Service Guidelines Using the IPM Method

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Evergreen Pest Management will provide pest control service (service guidelines) using the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) method to control all crawling insects in or around the immediate structure(s) under contract, including up to fifty feet of the structure and/or property boundary. The service does not include Termites, Roaches, Birds, or Bed Bugs. Evergreen can treat for Termites, Roaches, Birds, or Bed Bugs, on a quote bases for each individual job as the nature of such infestation can very greatly. Our practice has been to discount any additional work out side the scope of the original contract. Any or all work performed under this service contract is guaranteed. Any call back service will be provided at your convenience without any additional charge. Evergreen Pest Management Service procedure is as Follows:

  • Walk around and visually inspect building for infesting insects rodents or birds.

  • Inspect any or all insect and/or rodent monitors.

  • Treat as needed or make arrangement to mechanically correct any issue or conducive condition to prevent further infestation.

  • Report any and all conditions that are beyond our scope of business to the responsible party and/or home owner.

  • Fill out and file reports of service performed.